Janice Baker, M.Ht.
Seaside Healing
"I just want to thank you for your gentle caring guidance. After two years of suffering and procrastination I finally decided to call you and try to get some help for my anxiety issues. When I called I didn’t really know what I needed and you were so kind to just let me come in and talk some about what I had going on and then you suggested I try the Hypnotherapy Past Life Regression. I was skeptical that I would be able to really experience anything, but I was so in need of relief from my issues that I decided I would just try and relax and just let it happen."


After my session, I was in disbelief of all I revisited and felt as though I had made it all up, but as I left the office little by little over the next hours, days, and weeks I kept remembering episodes in my current life that were related to my past life regression and were somehow now being soothed and released. I experienced dramatic changes in the way I felt about many of the issues I was facing. Not only did I see the change in my feelings, but I also saw a change in the way people responded to me. I know for a fact that I would have still been suffering if I had not called you. I now constantly recommend you to my friends and acquaintances. I wish I would not have waited so long after I picked up your brochure to call."  
With deepest gratitude,
~ Janet B, Rodanthe, NC ~


"With hypnotherapy, past life regression, breathing techniques, and her unbelievable intuition and caring,  Janice has led me from some dark spaces to a place filled with understanding, freedom, and ease. Her work is more than focusing on one particular aspect; it is life changing." 
~ Jean C, Kill Devil Hills, NC ~

"I had heard about Janice from two friends who had attended a past life regression workshop that she held.  They were telling me about it and how amazing their experiences were with their regressions.  I had always wanted to know this kind of information about my soul and signed up for the next workshop that Janice offered.  The experience was so fantastic. Janice guided us as a group, but her style makes you feel like you are in a one-on-one session.  It was an amazing beginning to my spiritual growth!  Janice introduced me to the healing energy work of Reiki, and she has even done some energy work and regressions with my horses that has brought about some amazing improvements and stronger bonding with them.  Janice has become an amazing friend, and spiritual mentor!"
 ~ Cathie M, Nags Head, NC ~

From the Imagery International Conference,  Spirit Breath Flow Presentation, October, 2016

 "Very quiet, simple unassuming presence, yet Janice is obviously at home in herself and in her knowledge of this practice. And the Spirit breath flow practice is simple yet powerful. Thank you."
"Precise examples. Relaxed, confident, organized style."
"Very deep breath work that I have not experienced before."
"Wonderful life-changing workshop."
"A very healing experience!"
"Just beautiful. Loved her presence and the integrative way she worked with music." "Beyond into wonderful"
"This was new to me and I absolutely loved it! I liked Janice the best because I learned the most from her."

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