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Spirit Breath Flow
Spirit Breath Flow is a powerful tool for self healing, self awareness, and meditation. It brings harmony between body and spirit. Using the breath as the carrier for imagery and information stored in the energy field, this can then be brought into the body center for information, examination, balance, and manifestation. As we go through life, things that we don’t want to deal with, positive and negative, are often pushed out into our energy fields. Without awareness of those experiences, they can have subtle influences on our daily lives. This practice helps to solve these issues as we become aware of them. Spirit Breath Flow is also a good tool for balancing energy to feel more centered and calm. The energy fields can also be used to create desired outcomes for our lives and then be entered, using the breath, into our body centers to make a blueprint for manifestation of chosen life changes. 

How It Works: Finding your body core, or center, is the first step. Primarily this is found in the area of the heart or solar plexus. Practice breathing through that center. One energy location at a time is then accessed using the breath - front, back, left side, right side, above and below. Using a deeper breath, draw in the energy from each area and let it rest in your center for a few breaths. During that time, allow any images, thoughts, feelings, or sensations to come into your mind, and then breathe them back out.

Generally the areas of energy correspond to parts of your life: Front - future; Back - past; Left side - feminine; Right side - masculine; Above - connection to Source; Below - connection to Earth. If it feels otherwise to you, trust your own intuition. There is not wrong way to do this practice.
Ways It Can Be Useful:
~Meditation practice
~Clearing out problems and issues
~Balancing energy
~Balancing chakras
~Creating new life stories
~Reading energy from crystals and other objects 

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