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Policies and Rates


1.  To obtain the best results, each program has a recommended minimum amount of sessions where all techniques of directive and nondirective hypnotherapy can be applied in proper succession.  It may be unrealistic to expect lasting results in just one session.

 2.  Noting the exclusions below, a typical hypnotherapy session lasts 1 to 2 hours and costs $100.00 for the first session and $85.00 for each session after. Unless there are other prearrangements, maximum time allotted for appointments is 2 hours.

~ Exclusions For Smoking Cessation:  The Smoking Cessation program is exluded from this fee structure as it is a one-time fee of $150.00 consisting of 2 appointments.

~ Exclusion For Advanced Regression:  The Advanced Regression sessions (past life regressions/life progressions) start at $100.00 per session.

3.     Reiki sessions are $85.00 for one hour sessions.

4.     Spirit Breath Flow Sessions are $100.00 for one hour sessions. 

5.  Intuitive Readings are $100.00 for one hour sessions.


6.  Due to the special allocation of time that is set aside for each client, in the event that the client is unable to attend their appointment, they must cancel before the time of their scheduled session or pay 1/2 (50%) of the normal session fee.

7.  Payment is due in full at the end of the appointment.  Low income clientele may undergo a fee assessment for alternative financial arrangements.  Cash, checks, credit cards and Paypal accepted for payment. 

8.    Fees for other services are quoted on the page where the service is listed.


















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