Janice Baker, M.Ht.
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Next class - TBD, please contact me for class dates
Cost: $25.00 per week, $150.00 total. Will need to commit for the entire six weeks.

Small class sessions held throughout the year. Please contact me for more information on dates. 

"Conscious evolution begins as we take responsibility for clearing our own obstructions."
-- Dan Millman

Is it time for you to take destiny into your own hands and begin to evolve in the direction you choose? In this class, we will explore ways and to begin moving forward in a conscious way to spiritual evolution. Obtain tools to use to assist in making clearer choices about your life and the way you intend to live.

Among the things we will learn:
~Meditation and breath awareness as a tool for grounding, centering, and exploring
~Chakras - energy centers of the body - what they control and how to clear them
~Use of crystals and pendulums for healing and clarity
~Past life regression as a tool for understanding one’s life
~Meeting your spirit and animal guides to more easily access spiritual direction and    advice
~Exploring auras and energy fields and how to be more sensitive to them
~Divination techniques - tarot, intuition, animal guides
~Psychometry - being able to read energy from objects

This class will be 2-1/2 hours per week for 6 weeks. 


Available as a speaker/presenter/facilitator for conferences, retreats, and workshops. Please contact Janice for availability and rates. 


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