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Additional Services

Intuitive Readings
Unsure about the direction you're going, or if someone or something is right for you in your life? Sometimes it's good to access the "bigger picture" and find out directly from spirit what is best. Utilizing your spirit guides and divine guidance, Janice will use this wisdom to answer questions about anything puzzling or unclear in your life. Please have a list of questions ready for this session. Skype and phone sessions are available.
Fee for services:  $100.00 for 60 minute session


Celebration of Life/Funeral Officiant
When a loved one has passed and the family is from various faiths, or is unchurched, Janice can accomodate any spiritual or non-spiritual path to design a meaningful service for your loved one. Care is taken to learn about the one who has passed to make the service personal.  Included is a meeting with the family prior to the service, and delivery of the service at the place of the family's choice, including graveside if requested.
Fee for services:  $200.00


Naming Ceremony for Children
A very special time for gathering of family and friends to celebrate a new life in their midst.  Similar in nature to a christening or baptism, this allows the parents to acknowledge godparents and other special people in the life of their child, and to formally give the child their name.  Religious or non-religious views of the family are respected and incorporated into the service.  Janice will meet with the family to design the ceremony and perform the ceremony at a place of the family's choice.
Fee for services:  $150.00


Group Sessions at Your Place
Whether a group of friends is getting together, or even if you're on vacation, arrangements can be made for Janice to come to your home, or the place of your choosing, to provide one of several group sessions. Choices include, but are not limited to: past life regression, guided meditation/relaxation, Spirit Breath Flow, stress relief for work groups.  She is also available to speak to your group about alternative medicine and new age philosophies.
Fee for services:  $25.00 per person / $100.00 minimum


Spiritual Coaching
Often on our road through life, there are patches that may be bumpy, or a fork in the road which doesn't have a road sign telling us which direction is best.  There are times when we may question our beliefs, or decide they don't "fit" any more, but we're not sure what path is best for us.  Janice can assist in letting you take time out to explore the possibilities, and ask the questions that, when answered by you, can get you back on track and living your life in the way you intend to live it. Skype sessions are available.
Fee for services:  $100.00 for first session, $85.00 for each session after



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